​Assistance & Advocacy for Crime Victims

Our Mission

Victim Services is dedicated to provide victims of crime in Crow Wing County with the assistance and services necessary to speed their recovery from a criminal act and to support and aid them as they move through the criminal justice process.

​Assistance & Advocacy for Crime Victims

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Our volunteers use their individual experience and expertise to bring education and awareness to our community to better serve victims of crime.


If you’ve been the victim of a crime, we have a range of services to help you deal with its impact.
  Financial Services 
  • Completion of reparation forms
  • Assistance with court ordered restitution
  • Emergency Funds
  Court Related Services 
  • Information about the criminal justice system
  • Support in court or other legal proceedings
  • Updates about case status
  • Notification of court proceedings
  • Victim impact statements

​Victim Services

Support Services 
  • Crisis intervention
  • Reassurance and support 
  • Personal Advocacy
  • Information on victim rights
  • Referrals to other sources of help
  • Assistance with harassment restraining orders

 As a crime victim, you have the following rights: 

•  The right to be treated with fairness and with respect
•  The right to be reasonably protected from the accused offender
•  The right to be notified of court proceedings
•  The right to be present at all public court proceedings related to the offense, unless the court determines that testimony by the victim would be materially affected if the victim heard other testimony at the trial
•  The right to confer with an attorney
•  The right to restitution
•  The right to information about the conviction, sentencing, imprisonment and release of the offender

You should also remember the following:   
•  Tampering with a witness is against the law
•  Witnesses do not have to state their addresses in court
•  Victims have the right to a secure waiting area during court
•  Employers may not discipline or dismiss victims or witnesses who are called to testify
•  You have the right to request a convicted sex offender be tested for HIV