If you're a victim, we can help

If someone commits a crime and you’re the victim, we are here to help. It could be theft, assault, harassment, vandalism, fraud, arson or even homicide. No matter the crime, someone usually suffers from physical injury, financial loss or emotional stress.

At Victim Services, we understand what you’re going through. We take the time to listen and help you navigate and understand the criminal justice process. We also provide the services necessary to cope with the impact of the crime – right down to helping you apply for financial assistance if necessary.

No two crimes are alike. And no two victims are alike. People react differently and recover at their own pace. That’s why we’re here. So you don’t have to go through it alone. 


Our volunteers use their individual experience and expertise to bring education and awareness to our community to better serve victims of crime.

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Our Mission

Victim Services is dedicated to provide victims of crime in Crow Wing County with the assistance and services necessary to speed their recovery from a criminal act and to support and aid them as they move through the criminal justice process.

​Assistance & Advocacy for Crime Victims

​Victim Services